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Men’s Complete Bulking Plan


The complete bulking plan includes a 12 week exercise plan, nutrition plan, recipes, the complete core plan and lots more. 49 pages of information and knowledge to help you sculpt a bigger and leaner physique. This is plan is ideal for somebody who is serious about gaining lean muscle and size. If this plan is purchased there is no need to purchase the bulking nutrition plan and complete core packages.

Men’s Cutting Nutrition Plan


This plan includes a Monday to Sunday nutrition plan. Based on a high protein low carb diet this is guaranteed to get you results. My aim when designing this was to try and strip as much body fat around the muscle and to specifically target the stomach area. This is the plan that I run before my photoshoots. Expect to see and feel results fast.

Women’s Weightloss and Tone Nutrition Plan


This is the perfect plan for any female looking to tone up and lose weight. Putting lots of work into your workouts but not getting anywhere? Nutrition is a huge area where a lot of people lack knowledge. For me, lots of people know a lot about the rights and wrongs but other things play a factor. How much? Meal timings? these are a few which are very important and with this Monday-Sunday plan this is sure to get you where you want to be.