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Complete Cutting Plan


Are you ready for summer? This plan includes an 8 week training programme, Nutrition plans, Cardio, Complete core plan and lots more. This plan is ideal for anybody who is trying to shred fat whilst maintaining muscle mass. If this plan is purchased there is no need for you to buy the Complete Core Plan or the Cutting Nutrition Plan.

21 Day Challenge


If you’re looking for something to kick start your year this is it. My goal of creating this plan is to motivate people into training. For me its all about keeping people moving and helping people feel better within themselves. Are you up for the challenge?

Complete Core Plan


Lack in core strength? then this plan is for you. It is important to strengthen from the inside out and working the WHOLE of your core is something i have always focused on. If your bulking or cutting it is always good to maintain a strong core.

1-2-1 Session


Personal training is proven to be the best form of exercise. I will never tell my clients to do something I feel as if they can’t do. During my sessions expect to work hard and learn a lot. My 1-2-1 sessions are more challenging than any session on my gym programmes and with me by your side for 60 mins expect to feel motivated to workout. After my sessions my aim is to make sure all my clients leave with a smile 🙂

10 Session Package


Why do I only sell a 10 session package? For me one question I get asked at every consultation is how long will it take? I’m not stating it will be 10 sessions but after 10 I find this is the point where my clients can take a step back and see and feel a difference. Don’t get me wrong you will learn a lot from a couple of sessions but with the 10 session package it also includes a FREE 6 week gym programme tailored to your goals and a Nutrition food diary and Feedback form. It is important for me to make sure I have control over what you are doing when you aren’t training with me.

Bring A Buddy


Don’t like to train alone? If you find it more motivating to train with a friend why not book a bring a buddy session?

Exercise Routine / Gym Programme


My gym programme’s run for 6-8 weeks. You can run it for longer but expect to plateau. After the 6 weeks we review the programme and I progress it accordingly. For me the body loves routine. As you get stronger and fitter the programme gets harder. This is free of charge with the 10 session package.

MAX Glutes Programme


Are you looking to build your Glutes? This plan involves gym and home based workouts. It also includes my MAX Glutes Challenge which will give you the opportunity to push your glutes to the limit.

Men’s Bulking Exercise Plan


This plan includes a 12 week gym programme which focuses on building every muscle in your body. Proportion is key for me and something i have always focused on. This programme is perfect for anyone who feels as if there nutrition is good but they lack the knowledge in the gym and need a solid plan to stick too.

Men’s Bulking Nutrition Plan


This plan includes all the information you need to be able to bring a bigger and leaner physique. Working hard in the gym but not gaining size because your nutrition is poor?  This plan is perfect for the people who feel as if they are doing the right things in the gym but lack knowledge on the nutrition aspect.

Men’s Complete Bulking Plan


The complete bulking plan includes a 12 week exercise plan, nutrition plan, recipes, the complete core plan and lots more. 49 pages of information and knowledge to help you sculpt a bigger and leaner physique. This is plan is ideal for somebody who is serious about gaining lean muscle and size. If this plan is purchased there is no need to purchase the bulking nutrition plan and complete core packages.

Men’s Cutting Nutrition Plan


This plan includes a Monday to Sunday nutrition plan. Based on a high protein low carb diet this is guaranteed to get you results. My aim when designing this was to try and strip as much body fat around the muscle and to specifically target the stomach area. This is the plan that I run before my photoshoots. Expect to see and feel results fast.

Women’s Weightloss and Tone Nutrition Plan


This is the perfect plan for any female looking to tone up and lose weight. Putting lots of work into your workouts but not getting anywhere? Nutrition is a huge area where a lot of people lack knowledge. For me, lots of people know a lot about the rights and wrongs but other things play a factor. How much? Meal timings? these are a few which are very important and with this Monday-Sunday plan this is sure to get you where you want to be.